Welcome to this technical forum for ceramic-metal bonding. S-Bond Technologies is pleased to present and offer this technical discussion forum dedicate to the ceramic:metal bonding.

Ceramic:metal bonding has been used extensively in industry anywhere from wear surfaces to electronics. With the increasing demands on materials and their performance in a host of applications including sensors, electronic packaging, thermal management components, and more … such component designs are incorporating specific aspects of metal and ceramics together. Normally the high thermal and/or optical properties, high hardness or stability, then combining it with the toughness of metals and or the structural

The challenge has been to get reliable bonds between metals and ceramics given the inertness of many ceramics and their low thermal expansion compared to metals. Metals, on the other hand, can react strongly with bonding filler metals and with their varying high CTE properties, can unduly stress the ceramic component, the bond interface, or both.

S-Bond Technologies, is pleased to offer this forum for the user, design and materials community with interest, products and solutions in ceramic:metal bonding to share ideas, knowledge and solutions. Feel free to post your questions, answers, experiences and solutions to support a dialogue that can assist our community share know-how to improve and to grow the application of ceramic:metal bonding.

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