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Ceramic-Metal Bonding: Metalization of Ceramics, Vacuum Seals

The joining of ceramics to metals creates its own engineering challenges that require specialist expertise. Morgan Technical Ceramics are favored in a wide range of electronics and engineering applications for their chemical and mechanical properties. Compared to metals, they are stronger in compression, especially at higher temperatures, they have a good thermal stability (i.e. a […]


Welcome to this technical forum for ceramic-metal bonding. S-Bond Technologies is pleased to present and offer this technical discussion forum dedicate to the ceramic:metal bonding. Ceramic:metal bonding has been used extensively in industry anywhere from wear surfaces to electronics. With the increasing demands on materials and their performance in a host of applications including sensors, […]

Service Conditions and Ceramic: Metals Joint Behavior

177226931Ceramic:metal bonding is done in many applications from propulsion and turbine components, electronic packaging, electrical power components, batteries, sensors, sensor housings, wear inserts, medical surgical components, insulating feeds, etc. These varied applications also mean widely varying performance requirements and service conditions. This lead off discussion thread is to get us all thinking about performance and service and to present materials, design and commercial solutions that have been considered, used… offering case studies or other articles that permit our community insight into issues and solutions.

To get this discussion started I will highlight function and considerations in selecting ceramic:metal bonding.