Service Conditions and Ceramic: Metals Joint Behavior

177226931Ceramic:metal bonding is done in many applications from propulsion and turbine components, electronic packaging, electrical power components, batteries, sensors, sensor housings, wear inserts, medical surgical components, insulating feeds, etc. These varied applications also mean widely varying performance requirements and service conditions. This lead off discussion thread is to get us all thinking about performance and service and to present materials, design and commercial solutions that have been considered, used… offering case studies or other articles that permit our community insight into issues and solutions.

To get this discussion started I will highlight function and considerations in selecting ceramic:metal bonding.

Ceramic:metal bonding is required when the particular properties of the ceramic are required. Technical ceramics used in industry include oxides such as alumina, sapphire, zirconia, carbides such as SiC and TiC; and nitrides such as AlN, and Si3N4. Depending on the “function” of the ceramic, one or the other is selected. Functions include, 1) electrical isolation, 2) thermal insulation, 3) thermal stability, 4) hardness, 5) abrasion resistance, 6) optical properties, 7) chemical inertness and stability, 8) wavelength specific energy absorption properties, etc… All extremely varied functional properties that integrate into the selection of the ceramic and then the corresponding selection of a compatible metal backing.

Since ceramics behave in “brittle” manner, they absorb little strain before fracture and crack intolerant and are difficult to machine they backed up with a bonded metal component to integrate the ceramic into the component, thus the need for ceramic:metal bonding technologies that are compatible with the bonded assemblies use. In this discussion we will present varied applications and components where ceramic:metal bonding technology is used. Future articles in this forum and in the S-Bond Technologies website and S-Bond Blog, include but will not be limited to…

  • Sapphire Windows for Senor Housing
  • SiC to metal for Optical Components
  • Aluminum to Alumina (Al2O3)
  • SiC to Copper for Microwave Absorption
  • Porcelain Bonding for Electrical Power
  • Zirconia Wear Inserts
  • Al2O3 and AlN in Electronic Packages
  • Piezo-ceramic bonding
  • Fracture of ceramics in cooling from bonding temperature
  • Failure of ceramic:metal bond components in service
  • Thermal cycling tolerance of ceramic:metal bonds
  • Ceramic:metal bonding techniques to mitigate strain mismatch in bonding and in service

Please book mark this forum and check in often to see these various applications and performance issued discussed. We would also invite articles on applications, solutions and case presentation. Also submit your questions and issues related to performance of ceramic: metal bonding.

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