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  • R. Smith says:

    Thank you for your post. An excellent question and one I can address a bit and also ask our users to chime in too.

    I do not have direct experience with Mo-Mn metallization but from the literature, Mo-Mn metallization starts with a paste fired at 1500C in wet H2. Then it is Ni plated to create a layer to braze or solder to. At 1500 C in air I am certain AlN would oxidize and form Al2O3. In a vacuum, I am not certain but it looks like at 2800 C it will melt, but I do not expect phase changes in a vacuum, based the Al-N phase diagram. However, the Mo-Mn process does not work in vacuum so that is mute point to your question.

    Hermetically sealing of AlN to metals can be done with active braze (e.g. Sn-Ag-Ti) at 850 – 950C in vacuum. Contact Toshi.Oyama@morganplc.com

    Also AlN can be direclty soldered to metals at 250C using S-Bond active solders (Sn-Ag-Ti-Ce). Please contact info@s-bond.com for additional information. Ron Smith 215-631-7111 x 102

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