Welcome to this technical forum about ceramic-metal bonding. S-Bond Technologies is pleased to offer this forum in the hopes of creating a space where knowledge and information about the topic can be easily shared.

470448141Ceramic to metal bonding has been used extensively in a variety of applications, from wear surfaces to electronics. The use is on the rise as are increasing demands on the materials and their performance in a variety of applications, such as sensors, electronic packaging, thermal management components, and much more. The goal of ceramic-metal bonding is to incorporate the discrete capabilities of each material into a finished product. The generally desired traits are the high thermal and optical or hardness and stability of ceramics combined with the durability or structural elements of a metal.

470935331The challenge when seeking these traits has been the ability to create reliable bonds between ceramics and metals, particularly given the inertness and low thermal expansion (comparative to metals) of ceramics. Metals, which generally react strongly with bonding filler metals, can unduly stress the ceramic component and/or the bond interface. We hope that this forum will help you avoid the pitfalls associated with ceramic-metal bonding. If you have had success with a particular product or technique, please share it on our site. We also welcome case studies and other valuable real world information about this difficult bonding form.

This forum is a place where we can share knowledge about these hurdles and the steps we have taken to overcome them. Please sign up, contribute, and learn on this forum.